‘Belleville Rendez-vous a critical review’

This French animated film pushes aside the typical conception of cartoon films in the sense that it isn’t really aimed at children as it involves very little dialog and dark humour throughout. The film starts out with a small chubby boy that has struggled to be enthusiastic about life heavily forced upon his grandmother he finds a love in cycling. It is a rather flat animated film with no real sense of proportion. Different characters in the film appear to be created and move differently. Very long tall characters with no joints. As a contrast to that, there are also some large characters that all tend to be women. This style of figure carries on into the change of very recognisable landmarks such as the statue of liberty being changed into a plump women but remaining blended in with the rest of the scene. With little detail on most characters, the boy who grows into a contender for the tour de France although still massively out of proportion with everything has joints and emphasised muscles.




From the start of the film the story jumps quickly 20 years or so and it is it hard to put everything together as it took me a while to link the small chubby boy to this tall muscly bike rider. What was slightly confusing about that was the fact the grandmother didn’t seem to age one bit. The way the motion moves seems like a rather slow frame rate, but infused with the colour scheme set, they compliment well to emit a typical picture of a old French animation; that is so blatantly French set. The way the characters are created out of proportion are used cleverly for the mafia that try to kidnap that cyclists as they look so shifty with their big shoulders and black suits, and the fact that everyone of them looks identical really fits the stereotype.



 The audio s the most important thing in this film because of such little dialog and some being in French and some in English, you recognize of necessary background sounds are in a film. Sounds really emphasise the action that is taking place, where it be a train driving past or somebodies footsteps making a noise when they are walking. Although I didn’t find this film particularly exciting all of the way though, it is difficult to criticize as you have to respect the way things have been done the way they have been. If there were more talking in the film then there would be less imagination and thought of what is going on in the film, and with the characters. 


Philip Baggott


About philb15anim

studying computer animation and special effects at leeds met university
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