Applied animation week 1

Our first challenge was to make the little alien character called dee, wave using 3dsmax. it seems relatively simple to begin with but everybody waves in a different way, and different waves can mean different things. that was just the thought process, you have to think also about how you wave, what muscles and joins are being used. although attempting this action with an alien, you still want the gesture to be within the laws of how we move biologically.

this was the outcome of a standard wave after a few attempts. the wave was very simple and showed no emotion. putting aside the alien, you couldn’t tell what age, gender, manner the wave was performed by. i developed the wave by turning and waving behind. it shows that maybe dee had his name called out from behind.

although not the best animation, at least you can see a slight purpose in the wave. it looks like he is turning and greeting somebody.


About philb15anim

studying computer animation and special effects at leeds met university
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