Visual media/ Animation principles week 1

Visual media

in our first lesson we each had to choose between 5 or 6 animation clips to look at. they were all stop motion animations involving post it notes. this is the one i looked at..

this is a clever use of stop motion taking individual pictures and changes the colours to fit the simple pixel scenes of the Atari games. Another animation we looked at was a short film which was award winning and oscar nominated for best short.

what is so good about this film is that apart from the great animation there is a captivating story and appeal towards possibly the most unappealing creatures on earth. the art allows us to emphasise with the lonely octopus just in the emotions that are given off in the eyes. almost like puppy dog eyes that allow to show anger, love and fear. here is an image i found on the internet of the prep that went into the male octopus.

Animation Principles

In our first lesson we were told to quickly draw a dinosaur skull.

at the top is my first attempt. after a minimal amount of research which was a short video displaying a skull a sketched the bottom skull. it goes to show research is key when you encounter something new. you may think you know what something looks like. more often than not you will not be 100 % accurate so its always good to check first and it is good back up research also.

we started drawing techniques, to start with we had to hold out our non drawing hands and had a minute to draw it.

for gesture drawing we had to use techniques like hard and messy lines to promote anger.









We had to do many more gesture drawings like 2 second strokes and drawing with our eyes closed to represent what the hand shows.


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studying computer animation and special effects at leeds met university
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