Applied animation week 2

In our lesson on applied animation at the start of the second week we looked at what goes on behind the screens when creating a successful animation film; and what better place to look than pixar. i thought that the only part an actor had to take in a film such as Ratatouille was a voice over. to make an animation work and for a character such as a rat to look believable and appeal to us as an audience, it has to have personality. more often than not, the personality comes from the actor physically doing the motion. my favourite animation has to be monsters inc. it shows such good chemistry with the two main characters Sully and Mike Wazowski. apparently this was made possible by recording the two actors in the same room art the same time acting together so they could read off each other and that is why it works so well because it is real.

Weekly task 2

For better results in our own animations, we have to research into the movement and also perform it ourselves. the weekly task this week was to perform a one footed balance.

to make the animation different, i wanted to add a personal touch onto it and as a football fan and player i decided i would try and create a quadriceps balance stretch as shown on this animated video i found on youtube

i attemped to create this stretch from a front angle with dee. here is my first attempt..

As you can see it is not perfect but i have accomplished the balance slightly as he trying to regain his balance as he tries to grab his ankle by the hand. to improve this i would say i need a better connection between the hand and ankle.


About philb15anim

studying computer animation and special effects at leeds met university
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