Applied animation week 3

developing the balance in the previous week, we attempted to lift a heavy object like a box or a ball. for obvious health and safety warnings given out to heavy lifting the following video is terrible but from 50 seconds onwards it shows the basic position you would need to be in to lift a heavy object.

although showing good position, the woman performing the act of lifting isnt really showing any strain when lifting the box. it looks light, and probably is as it looks empty. the next video you can tell the object is heavy..

the man lifting the tyre needs several bursts of energy to lift it. it is not one swift movement and put aside his exploding red face you can tell it is a very heavy object.

Weekly task 3

i attempted to lift a ‘heavy’ ball with dee

i found this weeks task very hard and frustrating. exactly what i didn’t want to happen did. apart from the floating ball which could be easily fixed, the ball looks far too light. after looking how it should look. i needed to wrap the arms further down the ball and tuck them under. from there i needed to rest the ball on the knees or chest to get another burst of energy to lift the ball all the way up.


About philb15anim

studying computer animation and special effects at leeds met university
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