Concept Design

Concept Design

Character 1 –

Film Treatment

Set in the year 2400 with great development into further planets but with still great ignorance of what lies beneath. Consequently, the earths resources are running low and scientific research and theories show that there are potential renewable energy resources in other planets such as ‘Novum’ which is considered the closest and most earth like. drones had previously landed but destroyed due to an unknown living source. They had gathered vital information in order to send a team of scientists trained for 5 years with the military to explore the new world and retrieve further information and new resources for the earth. previous research shows that although similar to earth, it has low altitudes and atmosphere so it was clearly stated that air movement could only last while entering the planet, any attempt to fly within the environment would not work as there is very thin and nearly non existent air.  the soldiers would be able to breath the air if it wasn’t poisonous. the harsh conditions would prove ground transport hard with part jungle based terrain and other parts dessert like and very rocky. the human beings would not be able to use any technological advantage, they are in the opposite side of the ball court playing their rules and traveling on foot.

Once the soldiers get there,  they realise that gravity appears to be significantly lower and therefore the species on the planet have adapted over generations to the harsh environment and has subsequently made them a lot stronger and well adapted.  the jungle that they first arrive to seems to be familiar with earth. they can see tall trees with bright green leaves and others with red as shallow rocky rivers flow through their foot path. a beautiful scene but it makes leaving a trace to fall back upon almost impossible.

(possible scene )*

one of the soldiers sees the big predator. its the first time it has been seen by anyone. he keeps calm because he is a fair distance from the lizard type creature and there is water separating the two. all of a sudden the beasts tail stretches out and pierces the man and whips him towards itself where he is impaled on his spiked body and killed and half eaten. the rest of the unit run for safety leaving the man for dead. once everyone has left. the scavenger monkeys who live in fear of the predator as do most of the living creatures feed on the remains of the man.

the rest of the film is the soldiers trying to get to the intended place encountering new terrain and creatures and loosing parts of the squad as they travel making it harder to survive and accomplish their goal. it it becomes 3. they are told to recriut but they say its pointless there’s to many lives lost for nothing. they disobey orders and continue their quest.

Monkey type creature

Google Image result


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Name: working title



Lizard type creature

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Google image search


Name: working title


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Name: working title. various names for different soldiers


Name : Novum

Story Board



Gas mask



rays – gravity does affect light waves but it doesn’t bend . the waves length stretch out but it remains straight. so guns shoot rays instead of bullets which would suffer due to the conditions .

Big Knife

used to navigate through the jungle and cut down things in the soldiers way.

7 week action plan

week 7- 8 develop concept more. especially environment and props

week 9-10 finish concept design and name everything and give character bio

10-12 develop animations further

12-14 apply colour and design to animation and finish them to good standard.


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