Animation development

When adding the third character midway through the animation i struggled to find a place for it as i didn’t want it to be seen nor float in mid air. i compromised with a tree imported from another file that looks just like an environmental prop until the monkey jumps out of it.

when trying to get the soldier to run and to a stop i had great difficulty as the preset run that i used wasn’t functioning properly. all of a sudden the animation went crazy when i stopped the motion animation layer to stop the character. i didn’t want to save with the problem so i cant show what it looked like but it was messy. with a large amount of time with darren (lecturer) we found that it could of been due to the way the structure of the character was set up. it had far too many bone segments. resolving this and a few other minor things it was up and running.

i got my flat mates to act out a version of the scene in my animation. i wanted to see the reaction of the stabbing, observe it and put it into my animation.

i got my flat mate Hayden to run as if he was holding a gun and come to a stop. i used the video as reference to making my character look like he is stopping quickly but in a realistic motion.

i focused on the tails of the concepts to see how the curl up/ bounce when they move ect.

Size comparisons between human and lizard beast




About philb15anim

studying computer animation and special effects at leeds met university
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