Final Animation

these are the creatures that i have used in my final animation. These short videos show the specific and accurate motion that has developed from each concept.

Monkey walk

Lizard walk

Running Man

Stealth man

This is my final animation

Including the Principles of animation

Staging – The way the characters are facing each other in dual and the other is hiding out of sight in the tree. the angled camera makes the tail look more dynamic when shooting out to penetrate the soldier.

Arcs – Arcs are used frequently in the animation, some examples are the arms swinging whilst in mid air, the lizard beasts tail swaying from side to side.

Squash and Stretch – you can see squash and stretch in the monkey when jumping and landing.

Anticipation – When the soldier is backing off and the tail is up ready to attack. when the tail goes for the attack, it whips back also in anticipation.

Followthrough – when the man stops running the top half of his body still goes. When he is dead every action has a follow though for example when falling, his body hits the floor followed by the legs.

Slow in /out – this is used when the characters come to a stop.

Secondary action – The lizard breathing heavy after the attack. Also the tails when moving.

Timing – The reaction to getting impaled by the tail and the way the body reacts to being shot up in the air. the actions are all synchronized.

Exaggeration – the way the tail is whipped back and how it extends to hit the prey.

Appeal – You feel sorry for the mans death but are interested in the predator because you havent seen anything like it before. there is also appeal in the monkey i feel as even though he is eating the remains of the man, its a monkey and who doesn’t love monkeys..





About philb15anim

studying computer animation and special effects at leeds met university
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