Final concepts

Monkey type Creature

these type of monkeys are called the Anthorpes

They are a peaceful set that are not vicious and often stay in the high trees as they live in fear of what wanders below.

They are scavengers and will eat absolutely anything. they watch prey get attacked and when they know the coast is clear they will feed on the remains. only the young breeds get catered for, once old enough you have to tend for yourself. with the same bone structure as monkeys that we are all familiar with you can tell that they are that type of animal but they have rat like features like the tail and the high pointy ears. the hair is patchy and ragged.

Lizard type creature

This beast is called the Lacerta

with lengths upto 14ft and its tallest point around the same size as a fully grown man this creature is stand out scary and everything who lives near is living in fear of it. it is top of the food chain and it is hunted by nothing. such an evil creature as it tries to kill everything it sees and often just leaves it. not hunting for food, hunting for fun. a lot of the time the animal feeds on plants and water.

Covered from head to toe in sharp spikes, it is covered from angles. it compensates with its slow movement with a tail that can expand up to 3 times in its own length and it can impale almost anything in its way.


Soldier scientists

Sent from Earth to seek renewable energy sources.


They are pretty much standard human beings but with years of scientific research and military training with them. they have to wear the masks as the air is limited and poisonous.



The environment of Novum is largely jungle with tall trees and flowing streams it makes it wonderful to look at but also hard to navigate through and also leaves you vulnerable of what it contains.  SAMSUNG

Props/ assets


This type of tree is home to the Anthorpe monkeys, it is tall and hard to climb by other species. here the monkeys can hide and safely watch before jumping down to look for food.

Gas Mask

Gas masks are essential as the air is thin and poisonous to human beings.

This type of weapon is modern and revolutionary as it can shoot bullets and rays. rays are preferred in this world as the high gravity can not bend the trajectory rays unlike normal bullets. either magazine can fit into the gun and it is hard to tell between them. the power bar on the ray mag shows how much power/distance you have in the next burst, it automatically regenerates.

Multi Purpose Grenade

This grenade can be used as a frag, a flash bang or a smoke grenade just by holding the two release buttons ( like you would when disconnecting an ipod charger) and click the arrow into which type of grenade you want to throw. the detonator is on the top and once pressed it will release the fuse of 6 seconds before blowing. the top will flash red. it will flash 6 times, one for every second of the fuse.

Hand Made AxeSAMSUNGJust a simple weapon made to help fight the way through some of the boundaries the jungle might throw at you for example trees etc.


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