research and work after week 7 presentation

SAMSUNGI sat in the cafe and observed the woman operating the tills. i drew her and picked up on the secondary action.
SAMSUNG We got given 3 images of a sequence of the famous cartoon scene and had to fill in the blank using our knowledge of follow through. we though of actions that use anticipation and follow through. they are common in sports . you see it in throwing a dart, swinging a golf club and i acted out kicking a football for other peoples reference. SAMSUNG We looked at concepts further and after watching alien we looked into parasites . i craeted a life cycle of a creature that reproduces using parasites.SAMSUNGI sat in library and observed a boy chewing. I drew a portrait of him and used exaggeration in the cheeks.
SAMSUNG looking into concepts that contain the bone structure and appearance of two known animals. i tried to mix a dinosaur and a squirrel. SAMSUNG Looking at appeal we had to create a living character out of a list of objects. i chose a lamp. i remember watching a short film by pixar and used the inspiration from that. SAMSUNG SAMSUNG I had a second go at mixing animals to create concepts and this time came out with a better design mixing a tortoise and a scorpion.SAMSUNG SAMSUNG As a task we had to create a concept in groups of two. i partnered up with my peer shaun Fontaine and we had to create a full concept for a ice age animal. we took parts and i took the parts of drawing whilst he created the bio.SAMSUNGwe looked at the basics of a walk cycle and the main key frames.

We were given random things/ objects to draw. i had a football and a squid. then we had to use one image and then choose another. The other was an ostrich, we had to work out the in-betweens to get from one image to the other.

We looked at rotor scoping and started use key frames to animate on 3dsmax with a sequence of images as reference. this with be very useful in the future. here is just the start of the animation.



About philb15anim

studying computer animation and special effects at leeds met university
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