Presentation week 7

When we first got given this project, we were told that we must work in groups of around 3 people. it took a while to figure out who was working with who but before long we had a 3 person group which included myself,

Chris McEwan (……………….),

and James Ruston (foreverrendering.wordpress)

our initial idea was to create a visual effects scene of a helicopter flying from the distance towards and over the front of the James Graham building and landing onto the grass area outside. The model would have to be built and rigged and placed onto our own footage of the university building with added effects like dust ect.

Here is a early storyboard i drew

( )

after spending some time into looking into different craft models and trying to figure out a plan of production and team roles, we found that even though a relatively easy concept it would be very hard to accomplish and  split the roles equally between the group.

we finally landed a concrete idea which we were all happy with and could take part in.

Future sports within Leeds Met…

The idea that we would create a short reporter based documentary on how the sports within the university have developed.

(storyboard of opening )

First what would be shown is the into
Followed by the 3 sports (in any order) either with live presenting or with video cut aways
and finally a conclusion to the video

The full length video is set to exceed the 60 second appropriate time but the visual effects within will match the 30 -60 expected.

We decided to each take a sport and create a visual effects sequence. it would not just be 3 single efforts banged together, the different work will be incorporated with each other and we would be helping each other in our work with filming and editing etc.

so far i believe James part of the project is to show how tennis has evolved showing a paying style that involves some sort of energy ball and a specially designed racket. As far as i know Chris is focusing on a futuristic skateboard.

My idea is to show how far squash has developed by creating a visual holographic experience. To explain further:

The purpose of the game generally remains the same with the same rules and court dimensions. What makes the game so special now is the introduced virtual reality glasses that allow you to play with a virtual quash ball that you can hit in the exact same way you would a regular one including how it bounces of walls. the glasses would also allow you to play against a virtual partner for great real match practice. the figure your playing against is just a virtual being and can play as good as a player as you want him to be as their performance is matched against your own ability. even though you cannot physically touch the opposing player you cannot obstruct them with your shots or block them off as it will be treated like it is in the real game which is a foul.

As it is not a widely played and watched sport and you may not know what squash looks like as a sport, here is my favourite clip of a fake shot that tricks the opponent that i found on youtube

It would be a great addition to the idea if you could choose the player you wanted to play against for example England’s number 1 Nick Matthew or other great racket players like Roger Federer. I would have to be a very experienced at skinning and modelling and we have barely done any of that sort in our learning time at university.

nick matthewfederer

I created a basic model of a racket in 3ds max



I developed it further by putting a metal materiel style bitmap onto the frame of the racket. I created the handle using a basic cylinder, editing the shape and turbosmoothing it.  i created the strings by editing the vertex on a plane and adding a wire material.

I started drawing a basic racket shape to get a better knowledge of exactly how it looks. i play tennis but your eyes don’t really see how it is constructed until you examine it

(pic of drawing racket)

This just looks like a standard tennis racket and that was the intention, i didn’t really want to take away from the shaping of the sporing equipment because that all contributes to how it connects with the ball and how you swing it etc.

You may see why it does not have any strings on and that is where it separates from a standard racket because when used with the glasses a holographic hitting surface will appear with the virtual ball. The next step in my development was to see how i could create this effect.

I tried using the strings that i had created for my racket model in 3ds max and increasing the self illumination in the material editor.

This was a fail but it was worth the attempt. it looks better in the actual software and the effect is lost in the rendering but it is not what i was looking for anyway.

I found the type of effect i was looking when i was playing the new Call of duty with my friends.  It is a new attachment that you can get on the sub machine guns and the assault rifles. It is called the MMS ( Millimeter Scanner ) and in the game it searches for still enemies but its the effect that i like. it looks like a holographic scan and i think it would be great applied to the racket. here is a clip of the sight in action. Play from 2:06

or you can skip straight there by following the link.

I really hate these videos but it was the only way i could show you the rifle sight as i do not own the game.

I found a great tutorial of how to create a similar effect of the scanning. again skip to 0:25 or follow link

How to create the video sequence..

I am to be the person demonstrating the equipment in the video and i did not wanted a holographic representation of myself so i think James  will be the virtual character in the video (as i don’t think Chris can play squash.)

Before i came across this next tutorial i thought that i would have to either animate a basic CAT rig or motion capture myself and apply it to a character…

With this find i can create a better effect than that i wanted and it could be done in blue screen.

I think my part could be done in the squash court but we have to overcome a few risk assessments as the camera would either have to be off court or protected with something strong enough to deflect a squash ball. I am yet to see the courts at Leeds Met but will be doing so soon and this problem should be solved. On the tennis side of the project, myself and James play regularly and are familiar with the surroundings and we both have sports passes so we do not have to pay to play. It is a great excuse to play at the moment as it is also good research into both of our tasks.

Although the main focus of the genius behind this innovation is the glasses and therefore the video should be seen through a point of view, for the purpose of the video the scene will be shot in a 3rd person perspective but the visual effects will still be visible.

I created a short animation from a point of view to show the how the racket model i made swings and how it hits the ball, and how the ball moves and bounces. i tried to create a bouncy ball effect and i am rather pleased . I did have a nightmare with it originally, i had a longer version but when i went to render the sequence, it crashed and i had not saved it!.

I found similar videos using either a head cam or glasses with a camera to hit the ball abck and forth


7 week plan

as the ball will most likely be animated unless i can use a split screen with me and James i would have to make a routine and choreograph our hits and runs.

Finalise concept drawings and models

We need to Script out the video and record it

Include all of the effects

edit all of our work together.



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