Week 13 presentation

Development process

court modeling to show rusty2 render squash1 ceiling blog render frame squash court

i had trouble when i completed creating the squash court. i was happy with the finished 3ds max file but when i tried to incorporate it in with my footage in after effects i encountered several problems. originally i planned to export the file so i could load up a 3d image but found that in doing that i would lose my textures. for the sequence where the camera is set behind the two characters and the camera does not pan, i could save the main court image as a jpeg. and save the glass as a different file as a png. after some masking and opacity issues it started to look respectable although the quality was not like it was in 3ds max.

The next problem i encountered was when when i need a camera pan to match my footage of a point of view looking forward and then turning to the side of the court. even though the render times for one image of my court in 3ds max were rather long, i attempted to create the camera sequence but for some reason i could not create a video using the mental ray rendering as it would fail after the first image. i tried another route by using the camera in after effects but i would have to take face on images of each platform in 3ds max and then make the images 3d in after effects. trying to place scale and rotate the image in place to create the court again became a pain because you could not rotate the plane like in 3ds max. once you think you have cracked it you look at another view and the walls are miles apart. i decided to scrap that and change the render settings to default on 3ds max. i suffered a loss in quality but at least i got a finished product.

Capture Namecard1 things that inspired our intro. we wanted to show the developments in the sport as a contrast to the cheesy 80’s style video it was to be presented in. . the scene from the office uk. training day. simple moving shapes intro. with bright pink yellow and green colours. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=hff329Wi0P0#t=78s monsters inc intro great animation of simple objects http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K4iTh1TL9g saved by the bell intro


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studying computer animation and special effects at leeds met university
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