Week 6 presentation- Concept and Branding

When i started this assignment I knew i wanted to create a character that was human based but with a superhuman quality. after looking into character research for films i found the obvious like batman and superman. and although batman doesn’t have superhero qualities he exploits his skills.

Looking into games and i think instantly of the ones i have played like infamous:


I really like the concept of having a power and not knowing to use it for good or not. Its quite rare that you see that.

The other game that came to mind was Bioshock:


Having to fuel your power having it passed and used through you from injection for example.

I’m not really out there when it comes to films and personally i don’t tend to watch much sci-fi so i do find it difficult coming up with a variety of ideas and it will be something i will have to cope with. But i do love football and by this point i had already filmed my animation references and they were football related.

one-african-man-referee-standing-holding-football-silhouette-white-background-33185192 stock-photo-one-brazilian-soccer-football-player-young-man-standing-in-silhouette-studio-on-white-background-146354120

My challenge was to come up with a good footballing based character for a game that will be the lead and his/her actions in the game will be related to the actions you see in a football match.

I started throwing ideas down onto a bit of paper with a few references in mind.


the first was that the football will be fire and it will cause damage to anything that will come in contact with it. in terms of the character i started to think would it be a power that the person has, will he be a villan/hero?

Students play Fire Football at the boarding school Lirboyo -1371458



photo (12)

I looked into characters that were influenced by fire like ghost rider


and Harvey Dent (2face)


Looking further into like a part burned character where you could see skull and wondering how is he still alive i looked into the detail. i looked at Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad. at the end of the season he suffers a blow and his facially deformed


But after looking at that i hit a wall and had to change my style of thinking as it didnt seem to fit.

Still looking at footballing references i come across an idea that was similar to what i had at the start.

I liked the idea of a prison game and apart from Prison Break the tv series that was made into a game…

prisonbreak-all-all-screenshot-location-07… i couldn’t really think of anything so i would have to be quite original with my idea.

Looking into Prison ideas i think about old fashioned ball and chain.


also looking into ball and chain as a weapon,


I think i can use the ball and chain as a harsh punishment and as a weapon beacuse thinking still into my football video references that i want to coincide with my character design; my character can use the ball and chain he has to put up with as a weapon and his attacks will be similar to the techniques you use in a football match.

photo (6)

I looked into movement of the character. I looked into martial arts attacks and walk cycles and found i would need a bit of artistic licencing if my character has to drag his leg to walk with the ball but in combat he can flick it up and volley it against the enemy. ( also the length of the chain will have to be longer)





photo (13)

Digital art

Company Logo

My idea was to have my Character as the main focus on a platform Video game, my company would have to be a games developer company.

Looking into the world of gaming and their production companies i see that many of the logos are simple logos with simple names but they are memorable and you can tell them apart from the rest.

I wanted my Games company to be the best, the leading company that produces the best games and the customers favorites.

Not being able to come up with a clever name, (which i find very few do it’s just because they are so industry recognised we don’t think about it) i write strong positive words on apiece of paper and fit some words together .

I finally choose ‘Power Gaming’

I look into the connotations of the word power and what i can represent and i start to sketch a few ideas.

photo (8)

i looked into an arm coming out of the ground. like left 4 dead., maybe holding a controller. i looked into controllers but i feel that if i am having a 2d logo it will look cheap or there will be too much going on and it will not be effective. especially if the logo will be briefly appearing at the start of games etc.

I looked into power bars in games and i tried to get a good design and shape as one looks like a cigarette.

photo (9)

photo (10)

I looked into like a fist pump, either in victory like a celebration or in combat like an upper cut. It gave me the idea to create the letter ‘P’ by using a power bar as the length of the letter and a silhouette of like a bicep tense for the curve in the letter.

photo (11)

Digital art.


Images i looked at

a boy cheering 13-MidSwing 11253 9232585-cartoon-of-a-green-zombie-hand-coming-out-of-the-earth 19902930-editable-vector-silhouette-of-boxer-knocking-out-his-opponent-with-an-uppercut-punch bl2logos_layeredprint_copy Streching the bicep EA-Games-Logo1


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