Week 7 3D Modelling

When i got this assignment i instantly had a rough idea that i wanted my interior to be like a bar. I wasn’t sure if i wanted an old mans snooker club or a new swanky bar with blue light etc.

paris-bar-8-2 old_bengal_bar_int_main modern-home-bars-nyc Cape-Horn-bar-5 BarBlanco-main-bar all-bar-one-villiersbut i was certain that i wanted to model a pool table so regardless of theme, it would be incorporated into it.

Pool-Tables-Billiards-Tables-Artero-1954[1] pooltable[1] da100a60-e357-4779-881c-b0f629dc4958_28-pool-table[1] dominion[1]

i wanted a fairly traditional looking pool table. i also looked into the legs as there are some nice designs going on. i don’t want to fall into the ‘perfect’ trap of everything too fancy so i looked for tables that have aged slightly and if i could incorporate that into my 3d scene it would benefit me.

pooltable[1] 2834de7059bda884b90956d3580d934b[1]i know i would have to model some lights and a cue etc. as part of my assests. i drew a few sketches and looked up physical measurements of ther tables.

WP_20131028_005 WP_20131028_006

here is my developing model of my pool table

render pool tablerender pool table 1 render pool table 2

pool tsble leg

pool table render 3 4 view corner pocket pool table render middle pocket pool table render

i want to model a bar and have items on the shelf like wine glasses and bottles.

hendricks-gin-70cl_1 jd bottle vodka bottle


here are some models and renders

wine glass render no mat wine bottle render generic spirits bottle

beer bottle render turbo s beer bottle render

i developed further..

vodka bottle render

not the best quality render, but the glass looks good in scene.

glass renderglass render1 glass render2

I wanted to put a few extra touches into my scene i was thinking a step down towards the pool table or if i have the time, and the ability, to do a stair case.


the other assets i want to include are stools, tables and a lounge sofa…

stool-10803 RoundStool 14159920_120918143000 6153714 WP_20131028_001 rectangular_glass_table kidney_table Glass-Table-Coffee-Table-NC242- elise-clear-glass-coffee-table_1307435100 Boston Glass Table_A_SS-1 833

i think that metal legs and support and a glass stand would put into my theme well.

ash tray glass render ash tray glass render turbos

This is an ash tray i created using lines and Boolean tool. i added the glass material and turbo smoothed it to see what the render looked like. needs work but its on the right track.


Things i need to do:

Model Table,




larger pumps/casks (potentially )

The room with (Windows) and lighting

The pool table drop down lights

pool balls, triangle, cloth for pool table.

Weekly Plan:

8-10 finish modeling

10-11 add materials, place in room and add lighting

week 12 upload and Finish Blog.


3540-peradon canopy small 4988-3274.003_Lamp---X3-Brass-W-Brass-Shades 9426-faux-wood-ceiling-beams-u909957c3926799d634522858576612485_woodland-ceiling-beamjpg Cassis-Pool-Table-Light Exposed-Ceiling-Beams-Brick-Fireplace l make-pool-table-light Pool-Table-Lights-4 Private-Penthouse-05


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