3D Modeling

Final Renders

full room sofa corner1 pool table final render2Assets

1. Pool table

asset pool table

pool cues

2. Stool

asset stool3. Tableasset table4. Curtains

asset curtains

curtains bump5. sofa

asset sofa6. bar

asset bar7. beer taps

asset tapsales

8. Bottles and glasses

asset bottles and glasses

I really enjoyed modelling the bar and i want to carry on the work even though it is past submission to fix the lighting as i could not get it the way i wanted. I started working with the mental ray lighting setting and i was coming along ok after looking at tutorials and all before i went to render my final image, there was a problem and i had to use the standard lighting system within 3ds max


Pool table.

I started off with getting the right measurements and using a reference image for the main parts of the model.

pool devel1

I worked by creating a corner and then i would mirror it when the basic shape was created.

pool devel2

After the basic shape i mirrored once and started looking at creating the legs/lower part

pool devel3

I wanted it to look elegant for a nice bar not a bulky pub table so i looked at creting legs. pool devel3 leg pool devel3 leg2

render pool table 2

It just looked wrong somehow and i wasn’t happy with it so i had to and research tables a bit more and come back to it.

I added the bit that was missing in making this a a nice looking pool table. now i could progress forward.

pool devel4

The table needed a lot of cleaning up. it was all over the pace and not rendering very well. i cleared the smoothing groups and tried to patch up the model and done a decent job of it.
pool devel5I stated to texture the model.

pool edge pool corner render test ehsg

No uvw

Finished result

no uvw

asset pool table



I started by creating this shape.


I used a modifier that links the bottom perimeter shape to the hook like shape and it extrudes it. a very useful tool that i have not came across before.  sofa3

I converted to a ed poly and i think i created the circle from the vertex.sofa4

I cteated the gaps between the shapes and increased the volume on the themsofa5 sofa6 sofa7

I created a linear shape from the edges. i have started doing this on many things as i think it is a really good way to get a nice finish on a model and not have it to sharp.


started making the solid of the sofa. and started creating cushions.sofa9

After making the leg stumps, i put it into my scene and messed around with textures.gjhfjfj

asset sofa



I started modeling this with intentions of having a glass top with a metal inder lay so it could get nice light and reflections.table2 asset table


stool 1st

I tried to save each step i did in all my models but this one it seems i have missed out (or lost) the other files of its progress.

I started with a cylinder and then used the polygons and edges to extrude and chamfer the back of the stool for the back area. i next scales several parts to get the basic shape. i added little things like a foot stool etc. to make it complete.stool

Here is the final render of my stool. i have textured the base but i liked the simple colour as there are many different ones going on throughout the scene.

asset stool


I started by creating a shape like the bar i work in

bar bar2When i started merging in my models i found that it was hard to get right because that is as far as my reference went and the scene being set up wasn’t actually a real place.
bar3 bar4

After adding everything and placing them i could start to texture the room.


It was a lot of trail and error but i got there in the end (i think). I was was finally happy with the room scene textures. The skirting boards were created by using a sweep modifier on a perimeter outline i created of the room.


Below you cans see the finished bar.full room



This is the final render of the asset. the glass top and the metal underneath really help spark up the scene.

bottles ect.

I used the lathe modifier to create this . after i created and edited it i looked for different ways to texture and potray the glass and the labels.wine bottle render wine develp

After the textures i used a bump map to get the creased leather effect.

Some of the methods and images i used to texture

Most of the images were my own that i had taken but there are also phhotos taken from the internet.

These images i used as bump maps to create a better effect to my texture.

379 crumple-paper leather_texture368 pattern-48

These are a few images that i took from the pub that in work in for reference.
wood WP_20131117_02_01_22_Pro WP_20131117_02_01_51_Pro WP_20131117_02_02_13_Pro WP_20131117_02_03_03_Pro WP_20131117_02_03_30_Pro WP_20131117_02_04_14_Pro WP_20131117_02_06_29_Pro WP_20131117_02_08_55_Pro WP_20131117_02_13_08_Pro WP_20131117_02_13_44_Pro WP_20131117_02_14_22_Pro


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