VFX Presentaion Week 12

Week 3 presentation  Pre production Pack
•For my Post production/ VFX assignment, I will be creating a video of a chase scene through the woods. The short sequence will involve a character being chased by a person who believes they are in virtual reality.
story1 story2 story3
effects use 1
efefcts 2


effects 4
•Week 4 – Make sure it is all possible to accomplish
•Week 5 – find the best method of creating the vfx and do tests
•Week 6 – filming
•Week 7 – edit filming /add night effects
•Week 8 – add filters and 1st person effects
•Week 9 – finish tree wood particles and include
•Week 10 – bullets wounds and blood
•Week 11 – add sound/ check for mistakes, improve on what can be done better
•Week 12 – give presentation / upload to x stream
Reality Assault
It is a new and testing virtual reality experience which you will play through the first person and have to complete objectives whilst encountering real world environment.
Technical Breakdown report
All the filming was done outside in a local forest near where i live. I filmed in the early afternoon and i was waiting for a day where it was not bad weather but it was not very sunny either. Expecting these perfect filming conditions took some time and a further week went by before i could even get a chance to do my filming. As my plan was to shoot during the day and get a good shot with clear imaging, i really needed to get all of the filming done in the woods on that specific day otherwise the colour grading would be even more of a task to accomplish. I couldn’t shoot at night because it would be too dark in the shot of the camera and i did not want a flash on.
The VFX has proven difficult for me in the past and it is my weakest skill to the course since i have started it but this time i wanted it to be different. i wanted something that i was enthusiastic about and would be proud of. Normally if something doesn’t look really good in vfx it stands out a mile off and even though it may be a good bit of work for the standard we are at, if it not professional then you can tell. I liked the look of nuke straight away even though it scared me as i have never used a bit of software like this before especially with nodes and scripting.
The idea in my head was put down onto paper and with basic research into the vfx it looked like an extremely manageable project to do. I totally underestimated the time, skill, trial and error that goes into vfx and it shocked me with time ticking on that i hadn’t got any edited footage yet. Looking online for tutorials didn’t seem to help. there are tutorials for nuke online, but not for the things i was intending to do with it it seems. My plan was to use software called Houdini to model wood and create a splinter blast effect  for when the bullets hits the tree and i also planned to create a blood splat and animate that. After looking online and not finding anything, i decided to give it a go anyway but it proved too difficult and i knew i couldn’t just hit pot luck with these programs. i searched my ideas in different ways looking at pre- animated stock footage of wood, explosions and blood. i couldn’t find exactly what i was looking for but with a few small changes they all could fit well into my sequence.
I had to make a first person HUD for the gaming experience that you are familiar with especially like the ones in first person shooter games. Again finding no straight help from the internet for this bit i hit the wall again. they did the hud for iron man in this software so it is not like you can’t. Not being skilled enough to use all the ins and outs of nuke to create a HUD from the software straight off, i used Photoshop to build and create my hud and i would merge it into my scene and transform certain images to animate the hud. i was pretty happy about the outcome of the targets that i made although the hud itself i thought looked a bit cheap and simple but it was the the best thing out of a bad situation at the time so i kept it and i was to wait and see how i could improve it inside nuke.
I needed a way of wrapping the whole scene together and i know it wasn’t vital as it may be finished with video that has no effects in it but i wanted the story behind the video to be plausible. i Had the actor who was being chased and shot in the virtual life come a sabotage the connection by pull the plug on it.
The one thing that i had to include and keep the same in every scene was the day to night effect. To get the effect i first filmed on a cloudy day so i was not too bright and then i used ‘color lookup’ and pick the blue channel on its own and curved the settings which was a straight diagonal and that made the scene look a blue. when it gets dark it is obvious that the scene will get darker but it does not go black, it goes a navy blue shade and that looked more realistic. the other nodes i used to create the dark scene were ‘grade’, and ‘color correction’. the grade node made a small but important difference but the main effect came from the colour correction. i tried to keep the values similar in each scene.
Shooting on a cloudy day meant that I could key out the sky easily but when I went to use ‘keylight’, I could not key out the grey shaded background. I don’t know if it was because of the colour being so close to white but it would not work. I needed a different keyer and after looking on the internet I found the ‘primatte’ tool. this tool allowed me to key out the colour  I wanted and apply a background image that would show through the mask. this seemed to work really well and I was happy with the outcome until it played though and the mask had affected the character. the light that catches of the skin and the grey sweat pants had also been colour keyed and what was portrayed onto the screen looks like a deep red blood like colour. this was a happy accident as it turned out because it looked really effective on the character. I couldn’t match the colours like that in the other scenes so I had to get rid of the blood effect on the character. within the primate settings, I found a toll called the clearFG which helped me choose which part of the image I wanted keying and that tool help clean up the rest of it
This is my video breakdown which shows how the effects were applied.
This is my final vfx sequence

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