Concept and Branding

Logo design.

This was the the stage of my logo design before the feed back. After trying not to over complicate things i was finally happy with a structure for my logo. i needed to re design the arm to help people realise the power bar and the bicep tense come together to make the letter ‘P’.


(insert pic of arm re design )

i used these images from the internet to create the shading style for the arm. keeping it simple and clear.

bicep 7673895-muscular-bicep-flexing-the-arm-is-on-separate-layers-as-are-the-background-elements

(insert pic of re design)

I then put the image into Photoshop and used the tools within to recreate the design and separate parts for colouring.

My original idea was for the power bar to range in grade of colour from green to amber to red but after testing it out, i saw that i did not look right.

power games logo1

After being told that it would be included in multiple things and in different ways, it would really help if the logo was still clear and visible in low saturation or ‘black and white’power games logofinal black and white This is my final logo design. i used a gradient tool to achieve the colour chart for the power bar. power games logofinal3Web banner

we bannerThis web banner would appear on webpages and you can see it as you enter and scroll down the page. it is a simple design to show the up and coming release of the games company launch.

Launch Ticket

lauch part ticket power games

This ticket shows the invitation for the release party. i added a name and a plus one section as well as a bar code for entering, and special silver strip to ensure it is a genuine ticket and information about the event.

Company Freebies

These freebies would be given out to people who purchased our goods, who attended the launch and also to people who have came across an advertising section promoting the company.

Sports top

This uses the title to an advantage as power games aims to be the best, and that includes in health so this will encourage players to exercise in leisure as well gaming.

power tee

Key ring

This is a key ring that i created in 3ds max it is stainless steel and also a bottle opener.power key ring This is a note pad you get when you enter the launch.notepad power games

Story boarding


1. player chests the ball, controls the ball with the aid of his knee and then flicks it to the side of him ready to run with it.

2. As he flicks the ball a defender comes rushing in recklessly and fouls him

3-4 as the player is rolling on the floor, the defender gets a red for his offence.

5-6.He slowly gets up and dusts himself off and heads towards the dead ball.

7-8 puts the ball down and heads to the penalty spot to take his shot.

WP_20131215_23_46_14_Pro9. takes 3 strides back and two to the left and takes a huge breath and separates his legs. (like Ronaldo)

10. Takes a step and strikes the ball

11. celebrates by cheering and raising his arm in the air. (Alan shearer style)

12. continues to celebrate by doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk and finishes on his toes.

Concept design

To change my character from a generic human proved tricky without changing the entire idea. the only way hat i could think of was to keep him human but with abilities like what i have researched like ghost rider for example.

Character information

Name : Sledge

Weight 90kg

Height: 6ft’2

Sledge is the main character in a part action part strategy adventure game called ‘Jail Blaze’  made by Power Games. The game play similar to ‘prince of Persia’ and you find yourself in jail for the killing of your family in a house fire; but you did not commit the crime and were stitched up. a similar thing happens behind bars and he is in bits, but luckily escapes with his life. with added abilities he did have before. you have to tackle your way through the game trying to control the fire and not using it in bad ways. depending on your actions, is how the game goes.

(Add pencil drawing)

WP_20131215_23_43_50_Pro WP_20131215_23_43_58_Pro WP_20131215_23_43_38_Pro

Here is what the character looks like after being digitally edited

(insert photoshop character)


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