Motion Design Pitch



My research varied from watching motion graphics sequences like music videos and movie titles, to watching tutorials on how to create certain motion graphic animations.

I watched lots of videos with silhouettes and stylized projections of people such as the ipod adverts. i came across a music video called purple haze by groove armada and i really liked the editing effects.


I like the graffiti style motion graphics from recorded footage. I would want to recreate a similar effect using blue screen footage that has been keyed and colour corrected to achieve a street art effect.

Project Pitch

My motion graphics sequence will be a music video to a song from a band called Purple Thread and the song is called “Alive”. I work with one of the band members and he is more than happy to let me use a recording of the track.


The sequence will portray a still intoxicated man returning from the club and walking the streets as everybody else attends to their lives as normal. as he walks, the graffiti on the walls move. acting out parts of the night before for example drinking, dancing and fighting.

The sequence will mainly consist of keyed bluescreen footage being integrated on to the walls of houses and buildings as the actor walks past. There will also be 2d animations and both 2d and 3d camera tracking. . I am hoping to add some 2.5 d parallax as well as effects much like the “guy Ritchie” effect which you can see down the page.

To give the effect of intoxication i will be using lots of motion blur, camera motion and camera shake.


Mood board


I created a few mood boards along with some pictures that i have tacken for background textures and the type of walls around the area that i will be most likely filming.wall mood board wall textute mood board


I created my own grunge background in Photoshopcolourful grunge rust using some effects and the images that i had taken.

Others were put into after effects and edited in there.


Story Board

Image (15)

seconds 0-4 .walking staggering wall to wall with camera shake and motion blur. a 3d track of the club sign on the walls as you exit.

Image (16) Image (17)

a time freeze of a single frame masked out with added effects. then to revert back into the footage. seconds 4-9


Image (19)

a 2d vector sun like image that expands and rotates on screen and it pushes the gradient of darkness away.

Image (18)

footage of man walking through the streets as the motion graphics animate on the wall. using separate sections of footage for each style graffiti style art I have completed.

Image (20)

The use of a 3d object in the scene will interact with the animations on the wall.

Image (21)

Arriving to where he needs to be. a colour transition plays over the drunk state filters and blurs and it is replaced with real footage.



My main asset will be my footage on the streets as well as blue screen footage from inside university.

Here are some tests of the different styled assets i will include in my sequence.

The silhouette. These dark shadows will show the more darker side of animations such as abuse and the threatening actions.

This street art art effect will be the biggest asset with fading in and out and stop start (come to life animations).

Here are a few more similar style tests

black multiply soft light soft shadow


(The process here which is transferable to most of the bluescreen footage but with different tweaks at settings was to use keylight 1.2 which is ‘the foundary’ keyer and i found that it is the best available from what i have experimented with. once keyed out, i added a hue/saturation filter and also levels, which you can further tweak settings such as gamma etc. a lot of the work here was just trial and error to see which cool looking affects i can come up with. i also used masks and opacity levels within to make it looks like it fits in as wall art and to add feathered techniques so it doesn’t stand apart bold from the wall.

Here is a delayed by frame dance movement with different style of affect on each layer

dance delay


For this effect i duplicated the footage and with different filtered effects, i placed them just off time to one another on the timeline to give a lagged shadow effect.

Another effect is turning live footage to still stylised image like (the guy ritchie effect)

(how i achieved this effect was i separated the layers after duplicating them and stretched a single frame out using time freeze. i then masked out the character and added a b`cground image. i have used a grunge background texture that i created. i then turned the colour levels down with threshold and used curves and changed the graph values until i was happy with how it looked. i then used blur to soften the image up a little and used grain and added noise to the background. i then proceeded to use stroke and drop shadow to give the cut out effect with the white border. after adding text, i used a null to animate the scene a little and scale and rotate to shapen the whole effect. when the scene is created properly for my sequence it will have a better threshold, a better mask beacuse this was only a test, and also it will be accompanied with the music which really sells the transtion effect.

rusty sick rusty syle sick


This test did not give me the best results as the leaning over created a big shadow under the eyes due to the fringe. I hope to bring it back into the footage where it left off. because i did not want to simulate real sick i just wanted the cool effect i thought i would stick with the guy ritchie effect and portray it in a colourful style sray mid effect.

I have a green spray for above and a red blood type splatter spray for a another motion graphic within the sequence.



2D vector images

book book2


sun motion graphic


I used basic geometry within after effects to create a 2d sun like design that will rotate and pan across the screen pushing the dark from right to left.




the club text traffic light


Action Plan

week 6 – Finish assets and pitch presentation.

week 7 – get footage of outside (buidings/walls etc.)

week 8 – get bluescreen footage and edit.

week 9 – Finish animating 2d motion graphics.

week 10 – make sure all effetcs like camera tracking, motion blur, camera shake are implemented.

week 11 – get feedback and improve.

week 12 – improve and write up.

week 13 – hand in.





written deconstruction to be no longer than 1000 words.

Between 30-60 seconds in length.

to be MP4 movie 1920 x 1080 with h.264 codec. 25fps






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studying computer animation and special effects at leeds met university
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