VFX Presentaion Week 12

Week 3 presentation  Pre production Pack
•For my Post production/ VFX assignment, I will be creating a video of a chase scene through the woods. The short sequence will involve a character being chased by a person who believes they are in virtual reality.
story1 story2 story3
effects use 1
efefcts 2


effects 4
•Week 4 – Make sure it is all possible to accomplish
•Week 5 – find the best method of creating the vfx and do tests
•Week 6 – filming
•Week 7 – edit filming /add night effects
•Week 8 – add filters and 1st person effects
•Week 9 – finish tree wood particles and include
•Week 10 – bullets wounds and blood
•Week 11 – add sound/ check for mistakes, improve on what can be done better
•Week 12 – give presentation / upload to x stream
Reality Assault
It is a new and testing virtual reality experience which you will play through the first person and have to complete objectives whilst encountering real world environment.
Technical Breakdown report
All the filming was done outside in a local forest near where i live. I filmed in the early afternoon and i was waiting for a day where it was not bad weather but it was not very sunny either. Expecting these perfect filming conditions took some time and a further week went by before i could even get a chance to do my filming. As my plan was to shoot during the day and get a good shot with clear imaging, i really needed to get all of the filming done in the woods on that specific day otherwise the colour grading would be even more of a task to accomplish. I couldn’t shoot at night because it would be too dark in the shot of the camera and i did not want a flash on.
The VFX has proven difficult for me in the past and it is my weakest skill to the course since i have started it but this time i wanted it to be different. i wanted something that i was enthusiastic about and would be proud of. Normally if something doesn’t look really good in vfx it stands out a mile off and even though it may be a good bit of work for the standard we are at, if it not professional then you can tell. I liked the look of nuke straight away even though it scared me as i have never used a bit of software like this before especially with nodes and scripting.
The idea in my head was put down onto paper and with basic research into the vfx it looked like an extremely manageable project to do. I totally underestimated the time, skill, trial and error that goes into vfx and it shocked me with time ticking on that i hadn’t got any edited footage yet. Looking online for tutorials didn’t seem to help. there are tutorials for nuke online, but not for the things i was intending to do with it it seems. My plan was to use software called Houdini to model wood and create a splinter blast effect  for when the bullets hits the tree and i also planned to create a blood splat and animate that. After looking online and not finding anything, i decided to give it a go anyway but it proved too difficult and i knew i couldn’t just hit pot luck with these programs. i searched my ideas in different ways looking at pre- animated stock footage of wood, explosions and blood. i couldn’t find exactly what i was looking for but with a few small changes they all could fit well into my sequence.
I had to make a first person HUD for the gaming experience that you are familiar with especially like the ones in first person shooter games. Again finding no straight help from the internet for this bit i hit the wall again. they did the hud for iron man in this software so it is not like you can’t. Not being skilled enough to use all the ins and outs of nuke to create a HUD from the software straight off, i used Photoshop to build and create my hud and i would merge it into my scene and transform certain images to animate the hud. i was pretty happy about the outcome of the targets that i made although the hud itself i thought looked a bit cheap and simple but it was the the best thing out of a bad situation at the time so i kept it and i was to wait and see how i could improve it inside nuke.
I needed a way of wrapping the whole scene together and i know it wasn’t vital as it may be finished with video that has no effects in it but i wanted the story behind the video to be plausible. i Had the actor who was being chased and shot in the virtual life come a sabotage the connection by pull the plug on it.
The one thing that i had to include and keep the same in every scene was the day to night effect. To get the effect i first filmed on a cloudy day so i was not too bright and then i used ‘color lookup’ and pick the blue channel on its own and curved the settings which was a straight diagonal and that made the scene look a blue. when it gets dark it is obvious that the scene will get darker but it does not go black, it goes a navy blue shade and that looked more realistic. the other nodes i used to create the dark scene were ‘grade’, and ‘color correction’. the grade node made a small but important difference but the main effect came from the colour correction. i tried to keep the values similar in each scene.
Shooting on a cloudy day meant that I could key out the sky easily but when I went to use ‘keylight’, I could not key out the grey shaded background. I don’t know if it was because of the colour being so close to white but it would not work. I needed a different keyer and after looking on the internet I found the ‘primatte’ tool. this tool allowed me to key out the colour  I wanted and apply a background image that would show through the mask. this seemed to work really well and I was happy with the outcome until it played though and the mask had affected the character. the light that catches of the skin and the grey sweat pants had also been colour keyed and what was portrayed onto the screen looks like a deep red blood like colour. this was a happy accident as it turned out because it looked really effective on the character. I couldn’t match the colours like that in the other scenes so I had to get rid of the blood effect on the character. within the primate settings, I found a toll called the clearFG which helped me choose which part of the image I wanted keying and that tool help clean up the rest of it
This is my video breakdown which shows how the effects were applied.
This is my final vfx sequence
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Week 7 3D Modelling

When i got this assignment i instantly had a rough idea that i wanted my interior to be like a bar. I wasn’t sure if i wanted an old mans snooker club or a new swanky bar with blue light etc.

paris-bar-8-2 old_bengal_bar_int_main modern-home-bars-nyc Cape-Horn-bar-5 BarBlanco-main-bar all-bar-one-villiersbut i was certain that i wanted to model a pool table so regardless of theme, it would be incorporated into it.

Pool-Tables-Billiards-Tables-Artero-1954[1] pooltable[1] da100a60-e357-4779-881c-b0f629dc4958_28-pool-table[1] dominion[1]

i wanted a fairly traditional looking pool table. i also looked into the legs as there are some nice designs going on. i don’t want to fall into the ‘perfect’ trap of everything too fancy so i looked for tables that have aged slightly and if i could incorporate that into my 3d scene it would benefit me.

pooltable[1] 2834de7059bda884b90956d3580d934b[1]i know i would have to model some lights and a cue etc. as part of my assests. i drew a few sketches and looked up physical measurements of ther tables.

WP_20131028_005 WP_20131028_006

here is my developing model of my pool table

render pool tablerender pool table 1 render pool table 2

pool tsble leg

pool table render 3 4 view corner pocket pool table render middle pocket pool table render

i want to model a bar and have items on the shelf like wine glasses and bottles.

hendricks-gin-70cl_1 jd bottle vodka bottle


here are some models and renders

wine glass render no mat wine bottle render generic spirits bottle

beer bottle render turbo s beer bottle render

i developed further..

vodka bottle render

not the best quality render, but the glass looks good in scene.

glass renderglass render1 glass render2

I wanted to put a few extra touches into my scene i was thinking a step down towards the pool table or if i have the time, and the ability, to do a stair case.


the other assets i want to include are stools, tables and a lounge sofa…

stool-10803 RoundStool 14159920_120918143000 6153714 WP_20131028_001 rectangular_glass_table kidney_table Glass-Table-Coffee-Table-NC242- elise-clear-glass-coffee-table_1307435100 Boston Glass Table_A_SS-1 833

i think that metal legs and support and a glass stand would put into my theme well.

ash tray glass render ash tray glass render turbos

This is an ash tray i created using lines and Boolean tool. i added the glass material and turbo smoothed it to see what the render looked like. needs work but its on the right track.


Things i need to do:

Model Table,




larger pumps/casks (potentially )

The room with (Windows) and lighting

The pool table drop down lights

pool balls, triangle, cloth for pool table.

Weekly Plan:

8-10 finish modeling

10-11 add materials, place in room and add lighting

week 12 upload and Finish Blog.


3540-peradon canopy small 4988-3274.003_Lamp---X3-Brass-W-Brass-Shades 9426-faux-wood-ceiling-beams-u909957c3926799d634522858576612485_woodland-ceiling-beamjpg Cassis-Pool-Table-Light Exposed-Ceiling-Beams-Brick-Fireplace l make-pool-table-light Pool-Table-Lights-4 Private-Penthouse-05

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Week 7 Animation Principles


Getting people to act out including myself, watching television and referring to my referencing videos helped me research into the movement and including the 12 principles into my animations.


Animation Cheer

I used squash and stretch when bending the knees to land a step and punching the air in celebration. I used anticipation when holding back slightly before raising the fist. I used follow through in the body and arms after the peak of the raised fist and in the trailing leg once the character stepped out. I used staging to draw the attention of the viewer to the raising fist. I used pose to pose to key out the main movements before animating single frames. I used slow in/out when raising the arm so it is at its fastest in acceleration and then slows at it reaches its peak. I tried to use arcs in all of the movements but can see it when bending the arms elbow. The body follows through after the step forward. The secondary action is the head and the opposite arm to what is the main focus point. The timing works well with the anticipation in holding off before the release. I tried to exaggerate the body moving forward when celebrating. I also tried to keep the moments capable of the human anatomy so it looks realistic and you can also see that the character is happy so it adds appeal.

Animation Cheer 2

With similar movements to the first celebration video the squash and stretch is in the bending and extending. You can see follow through in the arms after they are extended. The staging involves bending down to the knees and kissing hands and raising to the air. I used the same pose to pose technique. The slow in/out you can see whilst bending the knees. The arcs you can see in the arms and legs when bending. You can see follow-through in the head when raising the top of the body. The secondary action you can see in head and in the arms. The timing works well as you see the arms are raised when the character bends to its knees. You can see the exaggeration in the arms when celebrating, kissing and pointing to the sky. The moments are all capable of human form and you can see the appeal as the character is happy.

Animation Referee 1

You can see squash and stretch in knees and in the extended arms. The body follows through when stepped forward. The staging is used to focus on the hand and head gestures. The pose to pose technique stays the same. You can see the slow in/ out in the arms expressions. You can see the arcs in the head and arms. You can see the secondary action in the head and arms. The timing you can see the character doesn’t get the decision and throws its arms in disagreement. You can see the appeal and exaggeration when the character disagrees with the decision. You can see that it’s not happy. Again, the movements are animated to portray human movements.

Animation Referee 2

Again with the step forward you can see the squash and stretch, the follow-through and the slow in/out. The pose to pose and the human movements stay the same. You can see the use of arcs when the arms and hands mimic the outline of a ball. The can see the secondary action and exaggeration in the left arm as it hits out in tantrum. You feel for the character not getting the decision so that adds the appeal principle. The timing works the same as the other referee animation as the character doesn’t get the decision and then complaints. The timed movements portray that motion.

Animation Header

The reference video doesn’t help much in this video as I cannot jump very high so I would have to exaggerate the characters  jump. The squash is in the bend and the stretch is in the take off for the jump and that also applies for the slow in/out. You can see the arcs when the head rotates to header. You can also see a follow through in that action. You can see in the timing that the arm support for the jump is accurate with the release of the bend in the legs. The pose to pose and autonomy based movements remain the same. You can see the arm and body move as a secondary action to the header. The staging is similar to the anticipation of the bend of the knees and the tucking in of the arms before the jump.

Animation Kick

The movements of the kick that drags the leg and the body forward are portrayed in the timing, the staging and the follow through. You can see the anticipation as the left leg steps forward and the right side of the body turns and the arm is drawn back. The movement of the knee shows the use of arcs as the foot is changing but the knee remains sturdy and in one movement. You can see the secondary action in the arms and head. You can see the exaggeration in the foot as the toe flicks out at the peak of the leg height. Before the kick you can see the squash and stretch and the slow in/out in the step forward. The appeal in the video is that you can see a dominant force.

Animation Miss

You can see the appeal in this animation as you can see the character is disappointed. The solid drawing and pose to pose principles remain the same. You can see the anticipation in the arms before they are put up to the face. And you can see the exaggeration and the secondary action in the head when it is shaking. The squash and stretch and the slow in/ out are seen when the knees are bent in disappointment. The timing and staging work well as you can see the disappointment in two stages of the hands in face and the step forward. The arcs you can see in the arm bends. . You can see the follow through in the body after the step forward.

Animation Tackle

You can see the squash and stretch and the slow in/ out in the step forward. You can see the anticipation in the trailing foot as the other is stepped forward first before the interception movement of the right foot. The staging and timing of the head allows you to look down and focus on the feet. You can see the follow through in the foot as it reaches out. You can see the head in a secondary action and also an exaggeration. The motion and pose to pose principles I have tried to keep the same. There is a dominant force in the video that is appealing.

Animation Throw

You can see the slow in /out and the squash and stretch in the arms and in the step forward of the legs. The anticipation when the arms go behind the head before the throw. The follow through is after the throw in the head and arms. You can see the arcs in the arms. You timing and staging make you focus on the arms for the throw. The secondary action is in the head as it tilts back before the throw. The exaggeration is how far the arms are extended. The pose to pose animation and the realistic movements are similar to all of the other movements.

Animation volley

The squash and stretch and the slow in / out is in the arms and legs. You can see the body turn and the leg gets drawn back in anticipation. This leg movement also shows staging and timing. You can see the follow through in the body turn in result of the force of the kick. You can see that the knee and the arms follow and arc movement. You can see the head turning as a secondary action. You can see the stance and the arms movements as an exaggeration to the movement.


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Week 6 presentation- Concept and Branding

When i started this assignment I knew i wanted to create a character that was human based but with a superhuman quality. after looking into character research for films i found the obvious like batman and superman. and although batman doesn’t have superhero qualities he exploits his skills.

Looking into games and i think instantly of the ones i have played like infamous:


I really like the concept of having a power and not knowing to use it for good or not. Its quite rare that you see that.

The other game that came to mind was Bioshock:


Having to fuel your power having it passed and used through you from injection for example.

I’m not really out there when it comes to films and personally i don’t tend to watch much sci-fi so i do find it difficult coming up with a variety of ideas and it will be something i will have to cope with. But i do love football and by this point i had already filmed my animation references and they were football related.

one-african-man-referee-standing-holding-football-silhouette-white-background-33185192 stock-photo-one-brazilian-soccer-football-player-young-man-standing-in-silhouette-studio-on-white-background-146354120

My challenge was to come up with a good footballing based character for a game that will be the lead and his/her actions in the game will be related to the actions you see in a football match.

I started throwing ideas down onto a bit of paper with a few references in mind.


the first was that the football will be fire and it will cause damage to anything that will come in contact with it. in terms of the character i started to think would it be a power that the person has, will he be a villan/hero?

Students play Fire Football at the boarding school Lirboyo -1371458



photo (12)

I looked into characters that were influenced by fire like ghost rider


and Harvey Dent (2face)


Looking further into like a part burned character where you could see skull and wondering how is he still alive i looked into the detail. i looked at Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad. at the end of the season he suffers a blow and his facially deformed


But after looking at that i hit a wall and had to change my style of thinking as it didnt seem to fit.

Still looking at footballing references i come across an idea that was similar to what i had at the start.

I liked the idea of a prison game and apart from Prison Break the tv series that was made into a game…

prisonbreak-all-all-screenshot-location-07… i couldn’t really think of anything so i would have to be quite original with my idea.

Looking into Prison ideas i think about old fashioned ball and chain.


also looking into ball and chain as a weapon,


I think i can use the ball and chain as a harsh punishment and as a weapon beacuse thinking still into my football video references that i want to coincide with my character design; my character can use the ball and chain he has to put up with as a weapon and his attacks will be similar to the techniques you use in a football match.

photo (6)

I looked into movement of the character. I looked into martial arts attacks and walk cycles and found i would need a bit of artistic licencing if my character has to drag his leg to walk with the ball but in combat he can flick it up and volley it against the enemy. ( also the length of the chain will have to be longer)





photo (13)

Digital art

Company Logo

My idea was to have my Character as the main focus on a platform Video game, my company would have to be a games developer company.

Looking into the world of gaming and their production companies i see that many of the logos are simple logos with simple names but they are memorable and you can tell them apart from the rest.

I wanted my Games company to be the best, the leading company that produces the best games and the customers favorites.

Not being able to come up with a clever name, (which i find very few do it’s just because they are so industry recognised we don’t think about it) i write strong positive words on apiece of paper and fit some words together .

I finally choose ‘Power Gaming’

I look into the connotations of the word power and what i can represent and i start to sketch a few ideas.

photo (8)

i looked into an arm coming out of the ground. like left 4 dead., maybe holding a controller. i looked into controllers but i feel that if i am having a 2d logo it will look cheap or there will be too much going on and it will not be effective. especially if the logo will be briefly appearing at the start of games etc.

I looked into power bars in games and i tried to get a good design and shape as one looks like a cigarette.

photo (9)

photo (10)

I looked into like a fist pump, either in victory like a celebration or in combat like an upper cut. It gave me the idea to create the letter ‘P’ by using a power bar as the length of the letter and a silhouette of like a bicep tense for the curve in the letter.

photo (11)

Digital art.


Images i looked at

a boy cheering 13-MidSwing 11253 9232585-cartoon-of-a-green-zombie-hand-coming-out-of-the-earth 19902930-editable-vector-silhouette-of-boxer-knocking-out-his-opponent-with-an-uppercut-punch bl2logos_layeredprint_copy Streching the bicep EA-Games-Logo1

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Week 13 presentation

Development process

court modeling to show rusty2 render squash1 ceiling blog render frame squash court

i had trouble when i completed creating the squash court. i was happy with the finished 3ds max file but when i tried to incorporate it in with my footage in after effects i encountered several problems. originally i planned to export the file so i could load up a 3d image but found that in doing that i would lose my textures. for the sequence where the camera is set behind the two characters and the camera does not pan, i could save the main court image as a jpeg. and save the glass as a different file as a png. after some masking and opacity issues it started to look respectable although the quality was not like it was in 3ds max.

The next problem i encountered was when when i need a camera pan to match my footage of a point of view looking forward and then turning to the side of the court. even though the render times for one image of my court in 3ds max were rather long, i attempted to create the camera sequence but for some reason i could not create a video using the mental ray rendering as it would fail after the first image. i tried another route by using the camera in after effects but i would have to take face on images of each platform in 3ds max and then make the images 3d in after effects. trying to place scale and rotate the image in place to create the court again became a pain because you could not rotate the plane like in 3ds max. once you think you have cracked it you look at another view and the walls are miles apart. i decided to scrap that and change the render settings to default on 3ds max. i suffered a loss in quality but at least i got a finished product.

Capture Namecard1 things that inspired our intro. we wanted to show the developments in the sport as a contrast to the cheesy 80’s style video it was to be presented in. . the scene from the office uk. training day. simple moving shapes intro. with bright pink yellow and green colours. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=hff329Wi0P0#t=78s monsters inc intro great animation of simple objects http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K4iTh1TL9g saved by the bell intro

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Presentation week 7

When we first got given this project, we were told that we must work in groups of around 3 people. it took a while to figure out who was working with who but before long we had a 3 person group which included myself,

Chris McEwan (……………….),

and James Ruston (foreverrendering.wordpress)

our initial idea was to create a visual effects scene of a helicopter flying from the distance towards and over the front of the James Graham building and landing onto the grass area outside. The model would have to be built and rigged and placed onto our own footage of the university building with added effects like dust ect.

Here is a early storyboard i drew

( )

after spending some time into looking into different craft models and trying to figure out a plan of production and team roles, we found that even though a relatively easy concept it would be very hard to accomplish and  split the roles equally between the group.

we finally landed a concrete idea which we were all happy with and could take part in.

Future sports within Leeds Met…

The idea that we would create a short reporter based documentary on how the sports within the university have developed.

(storyboard of opening )

First what would be shown is the into
Followed by the 3 sports (in any order) either with live presenting or with video cut aways
and finally a conclusion to the video

The full length video is set to exceed the 60 second appropriate time but the visual effects within will match the 30 -60 expected.

We decided to each take a sport and create a visual effects sequence. it would not just be 3 single efforts banged together, the different work will be incorporated with each other and we would be helping each other in our work with filming and editing etc.

so far i believe James part of the project is to show how tennis has evolved showing a paying style that involves some sort of energy ball and a specially designed racket. As far as i know Chris is focusing on a futuristic skateboard.

My idea is to show how far squash has developed by creating a visual holographic experience. To explain further:

The purpose of the game generally remains the same with the same rules and court dimensions. What makes the game so special now is the introduced virtual reality glasses that allow you to play with a virtual quash ball that you can hit in the exact same way you would a regular one including how it bounces of walls. the glasses would also allow you to play against a virtual partner for great real match practice. the figure your playing against is just a virtual being and can play as good as a player as you want him to be as their performance is matched against your own ability. even though you cannot physically touch the opposing player you cannot obstruct them with your shots or block them off as it will be treated like it is in the real game which is a foul.

As it is not a widely played and watched sport and you may not know what squash looks like as a sport, here is my favourite clip of a fake shot that tricks the opponent that i found on youtube

It would be a great addition to the idea if you could choose the player you wanted to play against for example England’s number 1 Nick Matthew or other great racket players like Roger Federer. I would have to be a very experienced at skinning and modelling and we have barely done any of that sort in our learning time at university.

nick matthewfederer

I created a basic model of a racket in 3ds max



I developed it further by putting a metal materiel style bitmap onto the frame of the racket. I created the handle using a basic cylinder, editing the shape and turbosmoothing it.  i created the strings by editing the vertex on a plane and adding a wire material.

I started drawing a basic racket shape to get a better knowledge of exactly how it looks. i play tennis but your eyes don’t really see how it is constructed until you examine it

(pic of drawing racket)

This just looks like a standard tennis racket and that was the intention, i didn’t really want to take away from the shaping of the sporing equipment because that all contributes to how it connects with the ball and how you swing it etc.

You may see why it does not have any strings on and that is where it separates from a standard racket because when used with the glasses a holographic hitting surface will appear with the virtual ball. The next step in my development was to see how i could create this effect.

I tried using the strings that i had created for my racket model in 3ds max and increasing the self illumination in the material editor.

This was a fail but it was worth the attempt. it looks better in the actual software and the effect is lost in the rendering but it is not what i was looking for anyway.

I found the type of effect i was looking when i was playing the new Call of duty with my friends.  It is a new attachment that you can get on the sub machine guns and the assault rifles. It is called the MMS ( Millimeter Scanner ) and in the game it searches for still enemies but its the effect that i like. it looks like a holographic scan and i think it would be great applied to the racket. here is a clip of the sight in action. Play from 2:06

or you can skip straight there by following the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phCkhGerZP8

I really hate these videos but it was the only way i could show you the rifle sight as i do not own the game.

I found a great tutorial of how to create a similar effect of the scanning. again skip to 0:25 or follow link

How to create the video sequence..

I am to be the person demonstrating the equipment in the video and i did not wanted a holographic representation of myself so i think James  will be the virtual character in the video (as i don’t think Chris can play squash.)

Before i came across this next tutorial i thought that i would have to either animate a basic CAT rig or motion capture myself and apply it to a character…

With this find i can create a better effect than that i wanted and it could be done in blue screen.

I think my part could be done in the squash court but we have to overcome a few risk assessments as the camera would either have to be off court or protected with something strong enough to deflect a squash ball. I am yet to see the courts at Leeds Met but will be doing so soon and this problem should be solved. On the tennis side of the project, myself and James play regularly and are familiar with the surroundings and we both have sports passes so we do not have to pay to play. It is a great excuse to play at the moment as it is also good research into both of our tasks.

Although the main focus of the genius behind this innovation is the glasses and therefore the video should be seen through a point of view, for the purpose of the video the scene will be shot in a 3rd person perspective but the visual effects will still be visible.

I created a short animation from a point of view to show the how the racket model i made swings and how it hits the ball, and how the ball moves and bounces. i tried to create a bouncy ball effect and i am rather pleased . I did have a nightmare with it originally, i had a longer version but when i went to render the sequence, it crashed and i had not saved it!.

I found similar videos using either a head cam or glasses with a camera to hit the ball abck and forth


7 week plan

as the ball will most likely be animated unless i can use a split screen with me and James i would have to make a routine and choreograph our hits and runs.

Finalise concept drawings and models

We need to Script out the video and record it

Include all of the effects

edit all of our work together.


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week 6 +

dino head sculpt 1


Capture3dsdino dino text

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